The Juncosa Cooperative presents its new Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Taste of Earth". - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

The Juncosa Cooperative presents its new Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Taste of Earth”.

The Cooperativa de Juncosa presents its new superior grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil, born on the occasion of its centenary. It is a limited-edition oil obtained directly from Arbequina olives after an early harvest and has won awards in several international competitions.

The first fruits of the new harvest have been rigorously selected for the production of this early harvest oil, with olives that have just changed from intense green to yellow and have not yet reached their peak ripeness.

Producing this oil is more complex and expensive than a traditional olive oil because the yield of early harvested olives is much lower and many more kilos of olives are needed to obtain a litre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality. 10 kilograms of olives are needed to obtain 1 litre of oil of this quality at this time of year.

The interior of this jewel features a bright green Extra Virgin Olive Oil with pronounced aromas and flavours. In mouth, it offers a perfect balance between different nuances with slightly bitter, spicy hints that provide powerful aromas and flavours with a great fruity intensity that summons up a thrill on remembering that “Taste of Earth”.

“Taste of Earth” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been brought into being in a year that holds a special significance for the cooperative, as it is their centenary celebration. 100 years that have been condensed into a supremely unique and special format. A spectacular purple bottle, presented in a box, which contains 500 ml of the best oil accompanied by some meticulous labelling that gives detailed information on the characteristics of the product, facilitating its consumption.

Proof of this oil’s quality is made clear by its multiple nominations in international competitions, in which it has won three Gold Gourmet Awards at the AVPA Paris Gourmet 2018 International Competition, the Olive Light Bronze Medal at the Oil China Competition 2018 and the Delicate Arbequina Bronze Medal at the 20th edition of the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.

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