DOP Les Garrigues - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

The Protected Designation Origin "Les Garrigues"

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Unique features, special and characteristics of Les Garrigues are protected and unified under the PDO Les Garrigues, which this extra virgin olive oil “Les Cabanes” also belongs. As it is written on their website, the PDO is “a certification organization that submits oil cooperatives registered to stringent controls of production and preparation to ensure the highest quality and the origin of what is undoubtedly one of best olive oils in the world. So this control on production certifies the correct and respectful agricultural practices with the environment, in terms of the development; regarding the development, use only high quality Arbequina olives, harvested directly from the tree and grinding is in cold to preserve the natural properties of the fruit.”

The PDO controls rigorously the quality and the process, also protects products and producers of extra virgin olive oil in the area, and is our organization of reference.

With the label of the Regulatory board of the Designation of Origin ensuring traceability, quality controls and food safety that comply with all requirements and standards of Spanish government and European.

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