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The extra virgin olive oil "Les Cabanes" in the kitchen

Olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, and for centuries, the most prominent and distinguishing feature of our kitchen. The extra virgin olive oil "Les Cabanes" is the basis of the traditional dishes from the kitchen of Les Garrigues, Catalan cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine, recognized and appreciated around the world.

Because it is known that Les Garrigues is a land of contrasts, with a mix of sweet and savory recipes, land of snacks of bread with olive oil, salt and chocolate. We are a land that tastes olive oil and no dish would be the same without this ingredient. Our cuisine, the traditional flavors, home cooking, heritage of our grandmothers, is a sign of identity, patient cooking, slow cooking and endearing scents. Nothing would be the same or have the same flavor without Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.

The sauteed, the sauce of garlic and parsley much our like "all-i-oli", "l'olivada", the onions sauce, "xató... Our tipical dishes are uniques and unmistakable in part because are made with olive oil: "la sanfaina", "l’escalivada", "caçoles de tros", sauteed mushrooms, snails "a la llauna" or "a la gormanta", meat grilled, barbecued potatoes, rabbit, cod, "trinxat d’hivern"...

All improvement is 100% thanks to a good jet of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Any meat or fish, sweet or savory, hot or cold, no dish is the same with or without oil. The oiler is always on our tables and in our food.

There is something simple and easy to make a good slice of toast, scraping well with garlic, tomato and soaked everything well watered generously with extra virgin Arbequina olive oil? A true sensory experience.

Really the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is the grace of our kitchen and the joy of our food, an ingredient that evokes the traditional tastes and feelings, but without forgetting that the world is moving and we have to adapt to the latest culinary projects. Most chefs, culinary experts and chefs worldwide praise olive oil, present in all current and most modern recipes with a young spirit, dynamic and renewed tastes able to savor last culinary art, remembering the flavor of Les Garrigues as always.

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