Preparation - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

How do we achieve this olive oil?

The secret of our oil. A meticulous process, passed down through the years from generation to generation, in which every detail is essential.

Our recommendation

Juncosa de Les Garrigues have a very strong culture of oil. Generations of families have been engaged in an exemplary manner in the olive cultivation with a pasion to olive trees that passing from father to son and it has become a vocation, with the ability to work a hard ground and shape the landscape of olive trees. The olives trees became the prevailing culture from people for decades of extra virgin olive oil arbequina Les Cabanes.

The olive crop and its harvest are a craft processes based on tradition and heritage of the way that our ancestors did. We have reached a high quality in Arbequina olive juice with exceptional olives because the fact of the cultivation and the care of our old trees as much as those that have been planted lately. In recent years we have also increased production, making it more regular and more consistent quality due to the changes and improvements in crop irrigation that we have done.

Towards the end of autumn, approximately mid November, when the oil is at its ripest, we pick directly from the tree, it’s a laborious job suitable for olives, with the machinery respectful as possible, so that the olives don’t fall on ground and prevent too aggressions. This care and the fact to take it directly to the mill to be pressed just after harvesting, enable us to speak of excellent raw materials, a healthy and fresh Arbequina olive will give us an extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes of the highest quality.

We try the minimum length of time between harvest and milling.  Based on decades of experience we have been able to link tradition and modernity, using today mechanical procedures that do not alter the organoleptic properties of the oil, with flavors and elements from the fruit, without handling nor using any chemical process.

To obtain the extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes we only use mechanical processes. In the first step, olives after arriving from fields are cleaned to leaf and impurities. Then we proceed to the selection and visual choice, according to their degree of maturity and greenery. The mechanical milling has replaced the old system of pressing. After milling, it begins the mixing process of olive oil in a mixer at about 26-27 °C, always in cold to not to alter the characteristics of the olive oil and to obtain a homogeneous paste. The mix is centrifugated to separate the oil from the olive water and the paste. Then the oil is decanted and stored in deposits, some underground and others in our new cellar at a constant and uniform temperature, which guarantees the conservation and preservation of its great qualities and properties at the time of packaging.

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