• Oli ecològic EcoCabanes 500ml

    NEW HARVEST 2020/21
    OFFER 10% DISC
    500 ml bottle of ecological oil.

Why is our olive oil so special?

The extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes is a 100% natural olive juice and nothing else, no additives, no preservatives, no dyes, it is 100% Arbequina olive, without mixing with other varieties, is 100% self-produced, obtained directly by extraction in cold 100% from Arbequina olives from here, Juncosa of Les Garrigues. Virgin oil of extra quality.

The extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes is very appreciated for its quality and purity, being a product of a single variety, Arbequina, to be a unique product. Its excellence and purity make it  a superior oil, a gourmet product, a delight accessible to everyone.

The environment where olive trees are grown, surrounded by forests, bushes and aromatic plants, gives extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes an aroma and a special fruity with a quality and sensory characteristics highly appreciated and valued by the most demanding palates and experts in olive oil.

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Subsidized projects: "Oil mill and storage and packaging mill improvements" and "New mill storage area improvement"

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