Taste of Earth 3 L - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

Taste of Earth 3 L


3 L 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil special selection of early harvest.


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Own campaign oil 2023-2024

  • Early harvest Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. New 2023-24 campaign.
  • 100% selected Arbequina olives.
  • Made in our own mill at the Juncosa de les Garrigues Cooperative.
  • Special and limited edition in commemoration of the 100 years of the Cooperative. Más información
  • Produced during the first half of October, when the olive is still very early green.
  • 10 kg of olives are needed to obtain 1 l of oil of this quality on these dates.
  • The tasting note determines an oil where green fruits with hints of apple, green almonds and tomato are present. It has a very fruity profile with a slight spicy touch.
  • Price per liter: 13,48 €.

Tasting note

gráfico cata taste of heart

Oil without obvious defects. The positive profile to an excellent oil. Equivalent score (UE2568 / 91) = 7.6

Medium intense green fruit profile, with ripe touches. In the mouth it is balanced in spicy, sweet and bitter, with an intensity that was noticed, but being very pleasant, and clear astringency in the mouth. Secondary aromas of vegetable type, with clear connotations of cut grass and olive leaves, with sensations of vegetable plants (Tomato or tomato or artichoke) or notes fennel or green banana, as well as very light touches of almond, walnut green and apple, which define a rich and complex sweet in the mouth. The oil is rich, complex and excellent (a pleasure for the senses).


Weight 3 kg


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