Les Garrigues - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

Les Garrigues

A land of dry stone and steep terraces, Les Garrigues is a special place dedicated to olive tree farming.

Whether in the middle of the world or the heart of Les Garrigues, it is clear that we are a special land, with dry weather, rough ground, dry stone hard ground and austere life of steep fields and buildings shaped by hand the stubborn man. This is harsh weather and difficulties of our country that make it an ideal area suitable for cultivation to the Arbequina olives.

The Arbequina olive is considered one of the best varieties in the world for its production, for its regularity and for the quality of the olive oil. It is a rustic type, frost resistant and adaptable to different soil and climate conditions, and land poor and difficult.
So we can say that we are in the best land in the world for growing the best olives in the world and of course, “in the heart of the world!”

There is also a mix of legend and history with the ingredient and it explains why in Les Garrigues there are so many olives trees. It is said that the Duke of Medinaceli, sir Arbeca during the XVIII century, made a promise and said it would pay a “ral de billó” by each planted olive; although he don’t fulfill the promise, this fact led to intensive cultivation of the olive tree, not only Arbeca, in all the surrounding villages, all places in Les Garrigues. Also the fame of olive oil was so extensive that this variety was called like the Barony from Arbeca, Arbequina.

We only have to admire the scenery from Les Garrigues to see how it dominates the cultivation of olive trees, barren landscapes of pine forests, scrub, cereal crops and aromatic plants. The environment that surrounds our trees gives extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes special characteristics impossible to find in any other part of the world.

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