Why "Les Cabanes"? - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

Why the name Les Cabanes?

Incorporated into the landscape, firm and solid, the vaulted field cabins give our oil its name.

If olive crop is the most prevaltent and the element that ones brought prosperity and a population increase in Les Garriges towns, the hut is the most emblematic building we have and that we are identified with.

When the farmer could not go home from the field every day and they had to spend days away from home in the middle of the vineyard or olive farm, hut dry stone with vault was the solution.

The huts with vault were simple buildings, dry stone walls, and a floor and covered by a stone vault too. Distributed simply with a place to sleep the farmer, a chimney, a feeder to the pack animal, a sprue (which came from a natural cistern dug into the rock to take every drop of rain as a treasure), and some compartments in the walls like cabinets.

The cabins were built in the most sheltered place of the property, often using the same shelter offered by the excavation done by extracting the stone, along with a pine tree planted to shade in the summer… Ultimately, an example of building integrated landscape, simple, strong and solid, austere, which has lasted until today.

This firmness and strength of the hut is what identifies us better, they are made of earth, connected to the earth, as our olives trees, rooted for centuries in the land we love. The link with the land, things well done, tradition, simplicity and durability, the fact survive with intact form, as always, forever and authenticity of the huts is precisely the value that we believe that our arbequina extra virgin olive oil has, so it could not to be called any other way, the huts,  Les Cabanes.

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