Les Cabanes, awarded at the London IOOC Awards - 100% Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra - Les Cabanes. Juncosa de les Garrigues

Les Cabanes, awarded at the London IOOC Awards

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The premium extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes Taste of Earth, from the Sant Isidre de Juncosa Farm Cooperative, has won the bronze in the quality category for being a 100% natural product, the fruit of a unique olive variety – the arbequina – and 100% in-house production which lends it a special fruity touch.

Our third award of the year so far, this recognition stems from all the hard work done by the cooperative’s members and workers to achieve a good, internationally recognised product. We are accumulating prizes to bring the extra virgin olive oil with PDO Les Garrigues all around the world, putting the products of the land, crafted with the maximum respect and dedication, on the map.

The extra virgin olive oil Les Cabanes is a 100% natural product, olive juice and nothing else, with no additives, preservatives or artificial colours.

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